Burning Man Essentials

We’re very excited to be making the trip to the western United States for the epic Burning Man festival this year! We won’t be attending with the intentions of performing as a full-out band, but we’re still bringing along our basic acoustic instruments so we can jam out and have one hell of a time. It’s going to be an excruciatingly long drive, and once we’re out there of course resources become limited. Here are our top things to bring in case you’re planning to make the trip:

  1. Water – This is like clear gold out in the desert. Sure you can find more when you’re there, but prices will be adjusted according to supply – it’s best to plan ahead and go big.
  2. Sunscreen – Can’t stress this enough. With any luck, the sun will be STRONG. Make sure to protect your skin.
  3. Gasoline – Make sure your tank is plenty full for the weekend, we’ve heard horror stories of running out in the middle of the desert!
  4. Food – You’re obviously going to be hungry. If you are any good at cooking, it doesn’t hurt to bring enough food to share. It’s a great way to make friends and can even be used for bartering in a pinch.
  5. Lanterns – Don’t get lost in the dark! Also make sure that you have plenty of batteries on hand.
  6. Flag – This is a great way to mark your chosen residence. Bring a pole to get it nice and high so you can see it from far away!
  7. Clothes – Bring more than you think you’ll need, unless you don’t mind being drenched in sweat. Again, it can get really hot out there.
  8. Garbage bags (multiple colors) – You don’t want to be that campsite that makes a huge mess. We’re planning on bringing several colors so we can separate garbage and recycling.
  9. Rain gear – Don’t forget that the weather could turn foul, make sure to be prepared!
  10. Smiles – This place is all about fun, so bring only best attitude and open mind. We’re ready for a great time!

That’s all for today – we’ll be hitting the road shortly. We can’t wait to see everyone there!