Recap: Burning Man 2017

What a week that was! It was one hell of a trip getting there, but once we were in it was an incredible experience. We had so much fun, made so many new friends, heard and made tons of good music, and generally let loose in a way that we never have before. We saw some of the most outlandish forms of art – most of which was quite impressive. It was definitely a unique event, and we would highly recommend it if you’ve never been.During the day there are vibrant colors throughout, lots of people playing games, wandering, laughing, and generally enjoying life. This was when we were able to get in on some drum circles and get some deeply tribal grooves going. We met several other musicians who were happy to jump in and add to the energy. People around us loved it, and gathered around to dance. Their energy fed right back into the drum circle, and ours back to them. It was like a perpetual cycle.Of course, no festival is compete without a paint war. We had brought designated clothes just in case, and we were lucky we did! I’ve never been so covered in paint in my life – but hey, it’s always fun. Here’s a shot of Gordon after the fiasco:Of course, the whole event truly came alive at night. That is when some of the most outlandish and impressive art came out of the woodwork. We saw sculptures, massive structures, light gardens, the works. It’s hard to imagine that people were able to truck all of these things out into the middle of the desert. People are quite committed! Here’s a shot of an orb field that was particularly captivating:

All in all it was an absolutely lovely trip. That said, we’re happy to be heading back to the real world. You start to appreciate things like running water and electricity after roughing it in the desert for a week. A real shower is a true luxury. I’m not sure that we’ll ever make it back, it was quite an effort, but we are so glad to have experienced such a beautiful celebration of life. If you have the opportunity and the drive, don’t miss it next year!

Now it’s back to the drawing board for us. Stay tuned!