Why You Need The Right Futon For Your Music Studio

Your music studio is set-up and now you are ready to jam. But wait. Where is everyone going to sit? When it is time to take a break, you need something comfortable but hip. Love seats are heavy and cumbersome and often won’t fit in your studio. If one of your band mates wants to crash at your pad where do you put them? A futon is the perfect choice. Futons have come a long way in recent years.

The important thing is knowing how to find a high quality futon. There are many options for the frame, mattress, and cover. Before you select the right futon, you should measure the area it will go into. Once you have those measurements, you will need to decide on a frame.


Metal frames are an inexpensive choice with more of a contemporary look. They are also durable and come in different colors. You will want to choose a metal frame if you want a lower-priced option. Wood frames are more durable and will last longer than metal frames. They are expensive compared to the metal frame. The higher the quality of wood also affects price.

Once you decide on the frame, you will need to know if it can go against the wall or needs to be 8-12 inches from the wall. If it needs to be away from the wall, you need to add this to your measurements to fit in your studio. You will want a bi-fold frame instead of the tri-fold. The bi-fold frame is best for sitting. The tri-fold frame is best for sleeping. Tri-fold is measured by width while the bi-fold is measured for length.


There are several options to select from and all of them depend on two factors. The comfort level and if you plan to use it more for sitting or sleeping. Since this is for your music studio you will want one that is best for sitting.

Cotton and foam is a great choice for something that doesn’t sag. It is not as soft as the other options though. A lightweight choice is the cotton polyester blend. This is softer than the cotton foam mattress and will hold its shape. If you want comfort over durability, the cotton wool mattress would be your choice. If you want a mattress that feels more like a couch or bed, choose the innerspring coil mattress.

Mattress Covers

Match the style of your music studio with the right covers. From funky to traditional, you will find the right cover. They range in price of a few dollars up to $300, depending on the material.

You can choose from leather, micro-suede, and cotton and twill blends. Synthetic fibers last longer and is the right choice for your studio because it will be used for sitting. The cool thing about covers is that they unzip and are easily replaced with another color. If there is a chance of spills you may want to get several colors at the low end of the scale.

There are a lot of things to consider when purchasing your futon. Head over to www.bestfuton.review/ for some more details if you’re still unsure about some of the key points. In the end, you have to consider the price, comfort, durability, and style. You also have the knowledge to select the best one for you.