Welcome to the home of Abandon All Ships!

The Band

Jason – Lead guitar, vocals

Aaron – Rhythm guitar, backup vocals

Erik – Bass

Chase – Drums

Gordon – Keys & synth

The Story

Founded in 2015, Abandon All Ships is a band rooted in classical jazz training but infused with the power and technology of modern day electronic music, as well as a hard hitting rock and roll style. The members of the band met and assembled in Harvard, first playing in low key settings at parties and later moving on to official shows at bars and clubs in the area.

Jason and Aaron are the primary songwriters, each injecting their own sense of style that has propelled the truly unique sound emanating from the speakers when Abandon All Ships takes the stage. Songs like “Take Me Away” and “Coming Home” are classic Jason – drawing on influences from songwriters such as Bob Dylan and John Barlow. The edgier tracks like “Gone ‘Till Midnight” and “The Afterparty” are more up Aaron’s alley, and clearly draw influences from his idol Jimi Hendrix, as well as contemporary club music.

When you’re at a party with Abandon All Ships, you’ll know your in the right place to get loose and groovy. With the help of their experienced stage team Chuck (lights) and Thomas (FOH), they can really put on a show that will keep you dancing through the night. Come check out the gang next time you’re in town, you know you’ll be in for a treat.