Biweekly Shows at Cleary’s

Abandon All Ships is excited to announce that we have made an agreement with play regular shows at Cleary’s bar and grill now through December (Thanksgiving is off of course, and we’ll be wrapping up before the holidays). On the first and third Thursdays of every month, we will be hitting the stage at 9pm for an hour of jams to help keep the energy pumping throughout the evening. The staff at Cleary’s is great, as many of you know we’ve been working with them for years, and now they are stepping up their game. They’ve been working hard to revamp the place and make it more accommodating to bands like us to play, hopefully it will become the next local hotspot!

They’ve been kind enough to ask for our input in what it will take to make an excellent place for people to see a show. They’re purchasing a brand new fully functional sound system that should be absolutely excellent once installed, and a full set of lighting equipment to help bring the performances alive. We’ll still be using our own gear in the mean time, but once its up and running it will blow the doors off our stuff. They’ve even built a generously-sized raised stage so that the bands can spread out and really let loose. Right next to that they’ve made a satellite bar so that you don’t even have to leave the stage area to get a drink.

They’ve also renovated the lounge area, complete with televisions and a sound system so you can casually enjoy the show while kicking back on the couches with your friends or playing bar games. They’ve even installed a very realistic electric fireplace to help ease the tension and suit the relaxed mood of the lounge area. It’s surprisingly authentic. The place really looks great, and we can’t thank them enough for taking the time to deck the whole place out. Show them some support and come out next Thursday for some jams and some drinks.

As usual, we’ll be playing some of our classics with a mix of some recent covers to keep the party bumpin’. We have a few new songs that we’re looking forward to trying out with you guys, we’re very excited to see what you think. Put on your party hats and get ready for a full-tilt Thursday, we’ll help you make sure you start your weekend right. We’ll be hanging around after the show too so feel free to stick around and say hello.

As always, shows are 21+ with a  valid ID required for entrance. Don’t be that guy who gets stuck at the door. Entry is $25, and includes one free drink from the bar. Tell your friends and bring them along!