What To Do With Your Dog When Practicing Your Musical Instrument

You can’t refuse the cuteness of your dog while practicing a musical instrument. You are going to cuddle with it especially if you have been with it for a number of years. if it is highly trained, you can just tell it to sit and you won’t be bothered anymore. Of course, one great thing to do with your dog is letting it fall asleep. How about massaging its neck and legs until it falls asleep? That is such a nice idea as it would feel extra comfortable and you won’t even notice it is there since dogs hardly snore. Another thing to do with it is to pat its head. Most dogs are so active that it won’t last long by your side. It will immediately go to another place when you pat its head and give it the attention that it craves. When you can afford to pause for a bit, why not take it out for a short walk? It is possible the dog needs to get out for a bit in order to pee and poop. That is also going to benefit you as you will get to exercise a bit. It won’t be long before you will feel excited about going back to practicing your instrument since you are motivated to do so.

Your dog must be coming near you while you are practicing your musical instrument because it is a bit hungry. Hence, you must give it a few treats. If it sits down and stays calm, you know it is doing the right thing. Give it some yummy treats as a form of reward so that it will remember to do it again in the future. Remember to touch its fur gently so it would feel comfortable by your side. The reason your dog is there is not to disturb you. The reason your dog is there is that it feels a bit boring. One way to fix that would be to buy some doggie toys. You can let the pet play with the toy until it finds another thing to do. You know dogs, small or big pups, love to play as they don’t like being bored. In fact, the dog may bark at you and you may get distracted. Hence, one thing you must never do is to scold it and make it go away. It will feel lonely and that is one thing you must never let happen to your dog.

It certainly is a different story when your dog barges in while you are in the middle of the practice session. Why not let your dog join the practice session? Everyone knows dogs make us pretty happy so you would not want to lock it in another room. The mere sight of your dog smiling would make us happy and we would want to kiss the cute animal. Also, giving a doggie massage is not the same as giving a human massage. Hence, better not give your dog any oil as your hands would do.